Toltrazuril 10% (CocciShield Max) Horse EPM Solution

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*Now In Apple In Flavor For Better Taste*

Toltrazuril 10% Liquid Solution
, is a potent coccidiostat used to prevent and treat EPM in Horses.

Signs That Your Animal Needs Toltrazuril –


*Now In Apple In Flavor For Better Taste*

Toltrazuril 10% Liquid Solution
, is a potent coccidiostat used to prevent and treat EPM in Horses.

Signs That Your Animal Needs Toltrazuril –

Horses: Diarrhea, weight loss, poor coat condition, colic, and in severe cases, dehydration and anemia.

Usage: Toltrazuril 10% Liquid Coccidiosis Treatment, administered to combat coccidia infections in various animals, disrupts the developmental stage of the worm, Coccidia, which are single-celled obligate intercellular protozoan parasites. Toltrazuril Shop has demonstrated significant benefits when used with a wide range of animals including Horses, Dogs, Alpacas, Camels, Cats, Cattle, Goats, Pigs, Reptiles, as well as Bunnies and Rabbits.

Toltrazuril 10% Liquid EPM Treatment targets EPM by inhibiting its development.

Toltrazuril Shop's productivity leads to lowering death, ensuring healthier bunnies and improved welfare.

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Active Constituents: Toltrazuril 200mg/mL

- Other Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin (No Polyethylene Glycol), All Natural Coloring Additives, Preservatives, & Binding Agents (to prevent separation)

- Made With 99% USP Grade Toltrazuril

Administration: Available in oral form, Toltrazuril is easily given to animals, aiding treatment. Toltrazuril not only comes in a liquid form but also in a powder form in 10g Sachet Pouches. When giving orally make sure to use a dose syringe for small animals and a naso-gastric tube for large animals. When using the powder you can mix with food.

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Dosage: Dosage varies based on the animal's weight, with precise measurements crucial for optimal results. suspension is 20 mg/kg, or 10 mg/0.2 mL per pound. A recent study showed that a single dose of Toltrazuril Shop cured puppies of coccidiosis. Adequate environmental cleanup is necessary, and it's recommended to repeat the treatment weekly for a couple of weeks.

For dosing recommendations on each animal, you can click on the custom dosing calculator. Be sure to choose your animal, then choose you unit of weight. Lastly choose the dose amount you want to use. Click calculate and it will give you the amount recommended for our 10% Toltrazuril Solution. Make sure you know if you’re doing a One Time Dose or a Three-Day Treatment Dose.


Resistance Prevention: Rotating Toltrazuril Shop with other treatments lowering the risk of coccidia developing resistance. Implementing a rotational approach involves alternating Toltrazuril with other coccidiostats such as Ponazuril, Fen-Ben, All Gone, & Albendazole, lowering the risk of parasites developing resistance. Combining Toltrazuril with other effective medications can enhance its potency, lowering the chance of resistance development.

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Considerations: For optimal results, it is best to consult a medical professional before using Toltrazuril 10%. This step ensures proper dosage, subsequently lowering the risk of adverse effects.

Pregnancy and Lactation: Consider the potential impact of Toltrazuril 10% on pregnant or lactating animals, as it may influence generative health.

Drug Exchanges: Be aware of any potential exchanges between Toltrazuril Shop and other medications the animal is receiving.

Adverse Effects: Continuously monitor for adverse effects throughout and following the treatment, and expeditiously communicate any unusual reactions to a medical professional.

Resistance Management: By using strategies like rotation and combination therapy, you can effectively mitigate the likelihood of worms developing resistance.

Withdrawal Periods: Adhere to suggested holding back periods to ensure that animal products (meat, milk, eggs) are safe for human consumption.

Conclusion: Toltrazuril 10% Liquid Coccidiosis Treatment proves to be a vital solution in managing coccidia infections across a diverse range of animals, including Horses, Dogs, Alpacas, Camels, Cats, Cattle, Goats, Pigs, Reptiles, as well as Rabbits and Bunnies. By effectively disrupting the developmental stages of Coccidia, this treatment not only promotes healthier lives in these animals but also contributes significantly to sustained agricultural productivity and animal welfare. Whether it's ensuring the health of household pets like dogs and cats, or supporting the well being of livestock and exotic animals, Toltrazuril Shop offers a comprehensive approach to combating this prevalent parasitic disease.

Sizes Include:

  1. 240mL
  2. 1 Gallon

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Toltrazuril 10% Solution for Horses is an advanced and reliable solution that has significantly impacted the equine industry. This specific formulation, designed for equine use, provides a comprehensive strategy for combating harmful parasites in horses.

With its innovative mode of action, Toltrazuril 10% Solution effectively targets coccidia at various stages of their lifecycle. The use of Toltrazuril ensures superior control over these destructive pathogens. This compound inhibits essential enzymes in the parasites, halting their growth, while leaving the host cells intact.

Toltrazuril 10% Solution brings peace of mind to horse owners and breeders. It protects valuable horses from coccidiosis, a detrimental disease known for affecting performance and causing losses, particularly in young horses. Additionally, its ease of administration makes it suitable for use in large-scale equine operations; it can be conveniently administered to horses as part of a comprehensive health management program.

Toltrazuril Shop has also developed a 10% Solution specifically for horses, to effectively treat and control coccidiosis. Coccidiosis, caused by the Eimeria parasite, is a prevalent gastrointestinal infection among horses, especially in younger and immuno-compromised individuals.

The Toltrazuril 10% Solution, with its potent anti-coccidial properties, works by inhibiting the growth and development of these parasites, thus preventing the damage they can cause to the horse's intestinal lining. Its action disrupts vital metabolic processes in the parasites without harming the host animal, ensuring a focused therapeutic response and minimizing side effects.

The medication is easily administered orally to horses, featuring a palatable formulation and high bio-availability when ingested. As an effective component in disease management protocols, Toltrazuril 10% Solution for horses plays a crucial role in maintaining their health and overall well-being.

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