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Toltrazuril / Baycox in Different Sizes:

10mL Bottle Toltrazuril 5%

25mL Bottle Toltrazuril 5%

50mL Bottle Toltrazuril 5%

100mL Bottle Toltrazuril 5%

200mL Bottle Toltrazuril 5%

1/2 Gallon Jug Toltrazuril 5%

1 Gallon Jug Toltrazuril 5%


***This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.***

Toltrazuril 5% Dosage Calculator

Fenbendazole 10% Dosage Calculator

All-Gone 5% Dosage Calculator

Ponazuril 10% Dosage Calculator

Toltrazuril 5% for Horses

Fenbendazole 10% for Horses

Toltrazuril 5% for Dogs & Puppies

Fenbendazole 10% for Dogs & Puppies

Toltrazuril 5% for Rabbits & Bunnies

Fenbendazole 10% for Rabbits & Bunnies

Toltrazuril 5% for Cats & Kittens

Fenbendazole 10% for Cats & Kittens

Toltrazuril 5% for Goats

Fenbendazole 10% for Goats

Toltrazuril 5% for Camels

Fenbendazole 10% for Camels

Toltrazuril 5% for Pigs & Swine

Fenbendazole 10% for Pigs & Swine

Toltrazuril 5% for Cattle

Fenbendazole 10% for Cattle

Toltrazuril 5% for Chickens & Poultry

Fenbendazole 10% for Chickens & Poultry

Toltrazuril 5% for Sheep

Fenbendazole 10% for Sheep

Toltrazuril 5% for Alpacas

Fenbendazole 10% for Alpacas

Toltrazuril 5% for Birds

Fenbendazole 10% for Birds

Toltrazuril 5% for Reptiles

Fenbendazole 10% for Reptiles