What Our Customer Have To Say

What Our Customer Have To Say

So far I’ve used the Toltrazuril on one of our doelings with diarrhea from Coccidia and it cleared her up within 24 hrs with one dose … so it works well. I do my own fecals to check for parasites … 
Thank you,
Carriage House Farm
Chiefland, FL Google Review


All good!   The meds did the trick and my kids are thriving again.
thank you!
Ivy Bausman


Amazing! So happy with this product! Lost two litters of kittens this summer due to coccidia, after using your product we haven’t lost any. Thank you so much!


What you are revealing about the bottle of Toltrazuril I purchased is true.  I found it ineffective for litters after I bought it from horseprerace.  It separated and became thick and clumpy.  It always concerned me that I did not have an accurate instruction for dosage.  I am rather conservative about giving any medicines, antibiotics, etc. to my puppies, but a cat breeder/show judge told me it worked with cats and kitties.  She recommended trying it and it was this friend that gave a link to horseprerace around 2015.  I was still hesitant about WHEN to administer and the dosage; also, were there side effects. If not using a preventative, I found I was using Albon a few times before puppies left for new homes.  One way or another, it was administering chemicals and frustrating to have a breakout… I asked a vet that was examining a puppy before its departure, and she recommends this type preventative to all her puppy breeders.  However her instruction for administration varied from what my breeder/friend recommended. 

My breeder/friend gives it to 3 week old puppies and their mom.  My females always show clean pathologies.  The vet I talked with told me to give it at 6 weeks and repeat 2 weeks later.  I’d appreciate clarification on this.
I only have a couple of litters per year.  The next litter was being examined by my usual  bulldog vet.   He  has 35+ years as a vet and breeds and shows bulldogs.  He told me all puppies are born with coccidia…when his vet tech was not able to find evidence of coccidia in one of my litters, he admonished her  for the report my puppies were clean, and he examined the pathologies himself.  He was surprised to find the litter “clean”. 
After a year, the solution I had seemed to lose its effect. For that reason, when I got an email of your company as a resource, I decided to buy a fresh bottle for upcoming planned litters in 2024.  I am very glad to learn a specific dosage and also timing of administration of this produce.   I have two other vets with a lot of French bulldog experiences that don’t seem to know about your product as a preventative.  This surprises me because my litters tend to be one of the “cleanest and healthiest” my vets say they examine.   I hate the idea of having to use albon to get puppies cleaned up before their departure to homes.
I really appreciate knowing that someone has an exact dosage and a proper timing of administration and appreciate your advice on this.
Karen F.



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