Albendazole 11.36% Liquid Solution

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Product Overview:

Advance your animal healthcare with Albendazole 11.36% Solution, meticulously crafted to combat a wide array of parasitic infestations. Esteemed among veterinarians and animal care professionals, this high-str...

*Now In Apple In Flavor For Better Taste*

Product Overview:

Advance your animal healthcare with Albendazole 11.36% Solution, meticulously crafted to combat a wide array of parasitic infestations. Esteemed among veterinarians and animal care professionals, this high-strength anthelmintic is optimized for the effective suppression and elimination of helminthic and protozoan parasites. Our solution ensures that your livestock, horses, and pets are safeguarded, promoting peak condition and vitality.

Key Benefits:

- Broad-Spectrum Efficacy: Designed to target and neutralize a comprehensive range of helminthic and protozoan parasites, making it an indispensable ally in the management of parasitic diseases.

- Prompt Relief: Acts quickly to diminish parasitic burdens and mitigate symptoms, facilitating a speedier recovery for your animals.

- User-Friendly Formulation: The liquid solution simplifies precise dosing, customized to the individual requirements of each animal, bolstering therapeutic outcomes.

- Well-Received: Albendazole 11.36% safety profile is recognized for its high tolerance across varied animal species, fostering recuperation with a reduced likelihood of adverse reactions when applied properly.

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Product Details:

- Potency: Contains 11.36% of Albendazole as the active agent for powerful anti-parasitic intervention.

- Packaging Options: Offered in multiple volumes to meet the demands of both modest and extensive animal husbandry enterprises.

- Method of Administration: Designed for oral use to ensure straightforward application and acceptance by animals.

- Product Longevity: Engineered for an extended shelf life, retaining potency over time with appropriate storage conditions.

Instructions for Use:

- Dosing: Adhere to veterinary recommendations considering species, weight, and infection severity.

- Application Method: Mixable with feed or directly orally administered to guarantee consumption.

- Treatment Assessment: Regular observation of the animal’s response to treatment is advised to tailor the therapeutic approach under veterinary supervision.

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Wide-Ranging Animal Applications:

Albendazole 11.36% Solution is an all-encompassing anthelmintic suitable for multiple animal species. It is routinely employed in the prevention and management of parasitic afflictions in:

- Equines: Ensure the defense of your horses, foals, and ponies from the impact of equine protozoal myeloencephalitis (EPM) and a variety of helminthic invasions.

- Farm Animals: Fortify the health of your cattle, sheep, and goats, reinforcing their well-being and yield by proficiently tackling parasitic challenges.

- Companion Pets: Support the health of your dogs and cats, particularly in collective settings like kennels and catteries, where parasitic diseases can be prevalent.

- Exotic Species: Chosen by caretakers of exotic and zoo animals for its efficacy against parasites in a diverse group ranging from avian to reptilian species.

When used as directed by a veterinarian, Albendazole 11.36% Solution is proven safe and effective for these various animal classifications. It serves as a vital component in the health regimen for any pet owner, horse enthusiast, or farm manager.

Selection of Sizes to Match Your Needs:

Whether for individual treatment or herd management, Albendazole 11.36% Solution is available in sizes that suit your specific needs:

- 16 oz 440mL - Bottle: A practical choice for smaller groups of animals, balancing quantity with frequency of use.

- 1 Gallon Jug: Our bulk option, best suited for extensive animal care requirements, ensuring a steady treatment reserve.

Each packaging variation is created with dose precision in mind, allowing you to administer the appropriate treatment dosage efficiently. All-Ben 11.36% Solution is available in packaging that suits any scale of animal care provision.

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Safety Information:

- Veterinary Consultation: Initiate treatment post a thorough consultation with a veterinarian.

- Usage Restrictions: Not intended for animals that have shown hypersensitivity to Albendazole 11.36% or similar derivatives.

- Consumption Withdrawal: Observe the recommended withdrawal period for animal products intended for human consumption as per veterinary advice.


- 99% USP Grade Albendazole Same as (Valbazen®)
- Vegetable Glycerin (No PEG Used In Product)
- Food Grade Coloring Yellow
- Preservatives
- Binding Agents

Why Albendazole 11.36% Solution?

Albendazole 11.36% Solution is synonymous with quality and ease of use, earning it a preferred status among veterinary specialists in search of dependable parasitic control measures. Each purchase represents an investment in the welfare and longevity of your animals.

Protect your animals from parasitic threats. Purchase Albendazole 11.36% Solution today and take the next step in superior animal healthcare!