Dosing Toltrazuril to cattle should be carried out under the guidance of a veterinarian, as the correct dosage can vary based on factors such as the cattle's weight, age, and the specific condition being treated. Toltrazuril is commonly used in veterinary medicine to treat coccidial infections in cattle. Here's a general outline of how dosing might be approached:

Veterinary Consultation:

Before administering Toltrazuril to your cattle, consult a vet. The vet will diagnose the condition, assess the severity of the infection, and recommend the appropriate dosage.

Dosage Calculation:

Your veterinarian will calculate the correct dosage based on the weight of each individual cow. Toltrazuril is typically given as an oral solution or suspension.


Administer the medication according to your veterinarian's instructions. Follow the prescribed method for administration, which may involve mixing the medication with water, feed, or directly administering it orally using a dosing gun.

Treatment Duration:

Adhere to the recommended treatment duration provided by your vet. Completing the full course of treatment is essential for effective control of coccidial infections.


Keep a close eye on the cattle during and after treatment. Monitor for any adverse effects, changes in behavior, or improvements in symptoms, and report them to your veterinarian.


Your veterinarian may suggest follow-up appointments or tests to ensure the infection has been effectively treated.

Always remember that Toltrazuril should only be used under the guidance of a licensed vet. Administering medication to cattle without professional guidance can be risky and may lead to inappropriate dosing or adverse effects. Your vet will consider the specific needs and health status of your cattle to determine the safest and most effective treatment approach.

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